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When you are partnering overseas, trustworthiness and accountability are of utmost importance. At AIE we make sure your requirements and parameters are our first priority.

From the initial negotiations to the delivery of goods, you can rely upon our expertise and experienced network of local designers, producers and suppliers.

We are a sourcing agency known for our accountability and trustworthiness.


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“As a Buying Director of European retailing companies, I always found in AIE the support and the innovation I needed for my sourcing strategy, with a deep concern for quality and ethics.”    “As the DVP of Global Sourcing at Sears Canada, I found AIE was dedicated and always doing their best to look after our business. They conducted factory evaluations and quality inspections for our programs which we trusted blindly. AIE has been a valuable and trusted partner for Sears Canada.”
- Herve Guionie, Buying Director 
- Ed Kong, DVP of Global Sourcing (Sears Canada)

There is a reason why great brands
around the world use our sourcing services

We have been in the business since 1965 and since then we have experienced phenomenal growth. Once you decide to work with us , you can count on world-class quality control, professional service, and prompt delivery of goods.

Just as you are cautious of choosing your overseas sourcing partners, we apply the same degree of caution while selecting local manufacturers to work with you.

  Working through our offices across the sub-continent opens seamless and effortless communication with the vendors to ensure your product is made at the highest quality, on time.

Over 40 years of experience of working with a diverse spectrum of clients from all major markets and brands has afforded us with a deeper understanding of your requirements, as well as constraints.

  No matter what the task, we never under-deliver, we never overpromise and we never compromise on our quality or schedule.

Our secret of success is -
long-term business partnerships, with our customers as well as our vendors.

Why do our clients enjoy working with us?

Our clients appreciate our ability to look at things from their point of view. Through the entire production and delivery process, we always keep you in the loop.

We can meet your sourcing needs for:

  • Apparel (Women's, Men's, Children's)
  • Home Goods and Furnishings
  • Men's and Women's Accessories and Jewelry
  • Leather Products (Outerwear and Accessories)
  • Shoes – casual as well as formal (Men's, Women's, Children's)

The product categories listed here are just the tip of the iceberg.
Contact us for details about all the products we can help you source.

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